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Link4Solution platform has a defined set of strategies for assuring the consistent quality of services along with meeting deadlines.

Stage 1 – Meeting and Discovery Call

Meet with our sales consultant to determine our customized solutions to your problems. A thorough understanding of your business operations and structure for identification of the requirements shall be undertaken by our sales consultant to initiate our on-boarding process. Once we identify the requirements, we evaluate, plan, set initial goals, discuss communication plans, and set yourselves up for success.

Stage 2 – Executing Documentation and engagement Agreements

Post setting initial goals, we follow a strong documentation involving a draft comprehensive proposal as well as implementation plan of transition from client’s existing process and systems to our robust platform. We define Engagement Agreements (EA) with our clients that include all the aspects of our service, costs as well as timeline of our project since we believe in transparency with Business Enterprises.

Step 3- Choosing the right accountant and financial solution provider to kick off

We select the best suitable accountant for the Business Enterprise depending upon the evaluation of many factors like current clientele, previous work experience, trust, work structure, training, experience on selected accounting software to connect with the Business Enterprise on our platform to start the assignment and fulfill the requirements.

Step 4 – Sharing of records and extraction of reports

We have developed a web-based and mobile application based IT enabled platform where the Business Enterprise shall share the scanned copies of records required for preparation of accounts retaining the original records with themselves. Post the preparation of the accounts, our platform enables our clients to extract the required information reports on real time basis for rational decision making.

Step 4 – Independent Quality Assurance

We have an independent Quality Assurance department to ensure the expectation and timelines of Business Enterprises are met. Our on-board quality professionals do evaluation of every accounting, book-keeping and tax jobs with respect to highest quality deliverables.

Step 5 – In house Exclusive Customer Relationship Management and IT team

We have designed and implemented an in house Customer Relationship Manager to keep a real time track of progress of our work which helps us planning our strategies for on time delivery of quality services. We have an exclusive in house IT and development department with trained professionals in technology to fix up any issues. The platform also contains grievance redressal mechanism where all the issues faced by our clients addressed via email, voice call, video call, software, etc. are resolved on robust basis.

Step 6 – Intensive training

We provide intensive training to the offline team as well as the on-shore team for the smooth functioning of the new systems. Appropriate communication protocols between both the teams are defined to facilitate a harmonious collaboration and working environment.


Step 7 – Escalations of Issue

In execution of services , the company has given the full rights to clients to escalate any issue describing the nature as well the detailed problem faced by them by the way of ticket management system. The company assure to resolve the issue within two working days with status of the escalation raised on real time basis.

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