Pricing & Refund

The pricing & refund policy of the company is customized depending upon the number of factors. The factors includes which model the client is opting, the number of vouchers proposed to be processed in the model and other optional value added services availed by the client. During the course of preliminary discussion with client, the client will be explained about the charges for the services requested by the client and all the terms and conditions are discussed and documented in the letter of engagement letter duly signed, acknowledged and uploaded by the client on the portal. In the agreed charges taxes (GST) will be extra which at present is 18%.

The company offering a free trial period of 15 days in which the agreed services will be given by the company. In case the client is not satisfied with the services, they may terminate the agreement without making any payment for the services availed by them.

A one time installation expenses of Rs. 5900/- (Rs. 5000/- plus GST @18%) will be paid by client at the time of registration. However if the client wishes to terminate the engagement letter within the trial period of 15 days, the whole amount as aforesaid will be refunded to client.

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